Thursday, August 4, 2011

Venue Recommendation - Ascension Parish, LA

Rarely do I give recommendations for "empty' buildings, but today is an exception!  I met with a future bride earlier today and she was considering a property located on Hwy 431 in St. Amant, LA. 

The venue is appropriately called The Venue Rental Hall.  What a surprise for me!  Not only is there a huge concrete parking lot, plenty of lit signing (your guests won't drive by without noticing) and an overall nice, clean  look.  There are several businesses located in the center, such as a wedding planner, notary, hair salon and of course St. Amant Decorating has their showroom there as well.  This complex is a hidden secret if you don't go down Hwy 431.  Best of all, there are 4 different facilities from which to choose, depending on the size of your event and the amount of space needed.

With our South Louisiana weather, you and I both know that a huge percentage of weddings and special events are going to be inside.  The owners didn't even know to expect me and the facility was comfortable, so cold air is definitely a given and a lifesaver with our humid, hot days.

On this visit, I only looked at The Venue that is the largest of the four. This bride plans to have her ceremony in the church, but if it doesn't work out, her plan could allow both her wedding and reception in the same location, and it should work just fine.  There are nice restrooms for women and men, a large stage, big  Projector Screen (for that slideshow or company presentation) and stained concrete floors.  There are 15- 5' round tables in the storage room, so you can use as many or as few as you need for your event. There are white folding chairs, all on racks in the storage room, as well as several long rectangle tables for your use.  The ceilings are quite high and the lighting is very nice and uniform, something you don't usually see in halls.  I also know that the lights are on dimmers so you can create a nice ambiance with little effort.

It is my understanding that you can get as much or as little as you want done at this facility.  There is a DJ room to the right of the stage.  My bride told me that there is a fee, but how great would that be?  No obtrusive equipment and a neat look and no floor space taken up if you have a large crowd!

I can't wait to cater the first Best Catered Event at The Venue in St. Amant!  Pictures will be up after the event, which is scheduled for November 19th.  Kudos to the owners and managers of  The Venue, you have done a wonderful job of providing clean, modern and affordable event facilities for the area!

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