Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011....Welcome 2012

As we say goodbye to 2011, we will remember both happy and sad times over the past 12 months.

We have watched as family members have gone on and good friends have lost their spouses.  We continue to watch our dear friends as they struggle day to day just to stay alive.  We watch what our government is doing and not doing.

We have seen new lives this Luke is bringing alot of joy with his happy self.  We are getting back in touch with our family after being away for oh so long.  We are trying diligently to reconnect with some of our old friends but to no avail.  It is hard to lose a friend when you are older, they are just such a treasure and one you want around you.

We have watched those we love and care about fight daily battles with cancer, kidney failure, heart problems, alzheimers and other medical conditions. 

We have watched from afar things that were once so beautiful, not ever look quite the same.

But through it all, we have SURVIVED 2011!  Bad weather, a move back to the Baton Rouge area, new clients, new babies, yes, we have survived. 

2012 is fast approaching....what will it bring....we pray for continued health and a good solid foundation for our small business.  People know they can count on us, and we want them to....that is our wish...May God Continue to Bless Each of You and Shower you with Love.....Amen

To our small team....we wish to thank you for believing in us....for hanging in there with us...for working so hard ....and for being our friends throughout this past our are the reason we started this whole crazy catering thing all those many years day soon, Bailee, Ty, Dylan and Evans can cater if they like it....or they can, as some of my friends used to say..(before they started doing this catering thing and fell in love with it too)....'GET A REAL JOB!......Happy New Year!!!!!

Matt Sibley and Devon McDonel 12.30.2011 Louisiana Old Governor's Mansion - Baton Rouge, LA

When Devon McDonel and her mom first met Dianne Evans of Best Catered Events, it was almost a year ago and there was an immediate connection.  This connection came full circle this evening in beautiful downtown Baton Rouge in the Rose Garden at the Louisiana Old Governor's Mansion. 

Devon married the love of her life Matthew Sibley surrounded by family and friends under the starlight and encompassed by a wall of white roses.  A string trio played lovely soft music as the bride was escorted down the 12 steps holding onto her daddy's arm.  Earlier, Mr. McDonel told me a story about how Devon was about 4 and it was Halloween, "she never meets a stranger", he told me and he knows her so well.  I am going to miss all the planning and conversations leading up to today!  Her daddy was so proud of his daughter and so very excited to see this day finally get here for her.  I could tell in his voice just how much love he holds for his daughter.

After exchanging vows the couple made their way inside the Mansion to be greeted in the main ballroom by all those in attendance.  There were special dances and Devon and her daddy did a special dance, one which this caterer won't forget!  Truly a fun loving and happy group, there were passed appetizers, bars, grits and gumbo, gourmet cocoa and coffee station and a a wonderful buffet set up in the main dining room.

Tonight's menu provided by Best Catered Events was: 

Crab Mornay Cups
Southern Grits with Gulf Shrimp and Crab Gumbo
Appalachian Spinach Puffs
Stuffed New Potatoes
Shrimp and Crab Mushrooms
Mini B L T's
Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta
Chicken and Wild Rice
Chicken Salad Croissants
Smoked Beef Brisket with freshly baked rolls and condiments
Fire Grilled Vegetables
Fresh Fruit featuring Louisiana strawberries
Blackberry Iced Tea

Carl Will of Sweet Impressions created the wedding cake and also 3 flavors of bread pudding for the groom's cakes.  These cakes were so popular and raved over the entire evening.

Doug Olinde of Doug Olinde LLC, provided tables, chairs, outdoor heaters and linens and did a perfect job, just like always I might mention.' Cammie with the Old Governor's Mansion was everywhere and kept the timeline perfect.  I appreciate all of your attention to detail with events at the Mansion.

Bray Danielle was the photographer and she and her assistant were everywhere!  Melissa Duhe did the florals and I have one word....breathtaking, she could not in my opinion have possibly done a better job....a shout out to you Melissa! 

The event was flawless, beautiful and one to remember from start to finish.  What a way to end 2011.

As the evening was winding down, the little Bentley showed up out front to deliver our bride and groom to a local honeymoon suite for the night.  Tomorrow they will arise bright and early, and leave for Hawaii for a week....I'm gonna miss you Devon!  Stay my friend on facebook, check out the blog when you can,,, and keep on being you.  Thank you so much for the confidence you showed by choosing my small catering company for the Special Day we all enjoyed so much.

Best Wishes to you and Matt.....from your Best Catered Events Team.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thomas-Vidrine Wedding - Loyd Hall - December 17, 2011

Lindsie Vidrine married the love of her life surrounded by their families and close friends on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at the beautiful Loyd Hall in CENLA.

The evening before, the groom's parents hosted a rehearsal dinner for the couple where the well wishes flowed and an enjoyable time was enjoyed by family and friends.  The rehearsal itself, was beautiful in the crisp evening air out in front of Loyd Hall.

Guests enjoyed appetizers of voodoo cheese cones and phyllo crab cups while waiting for the bride and groom to enjoy their first dances.  Once opened the buffet offered up a crowd pleasing menu of Shrimp and
Grits, Blackened Chicken Alfredo, Smoked Beef Brisket and Ham with freshly baked rolls, ham and asparagus rolls, cheesey asparagus bites, warm caramel with apple slices and warm chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, marshmallows and cookies as dippers.  Our Holiday Punch was also enjoyed by those wishing to not partake in the bar manned by Loyd Hall.

There was a coffee and hot cocoa station set up outside under the pavillion where we featured coffee with several toppings and cocoa with chantilly cream, peppermint dust, chocolate shavings, hazelnut syrup, vanilla syrup and amaretto syrup.  There was a chill in the air and this station was quite popular.  The bride told me that she loved chocolate and I think she made a great choice for her Winter Wedding.

                                      Best Catered Events wishes the newlyweds all the best!

"Believe" - Santa Meet and Greet - Macy's Department Store - Mall of Louisiana - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Monday, December 19, 2011

There was much excitement in the air!  The line of children with their parents in tow had started getting longer around 4:30pm and Santa wasn't due to arrive until 6 pm.  Announcements came over the loud speaker and anticipation was everywhere.  When is he coming?  Will he be here on time?  Will I get to talk to him?  What if a reindeer has gotten sick, or if their is alot of traffic?  We all know that traffic at the Mall Of Louisiana is really heavy when you get this close to Christmas. must BELIEVE!!!! And those children did, they did BELIEVE!!!!

Then at exactly, 6 o'lock on the nose, we heard the Cajun band, saw the elves, and then, yes, it was Santa himself, there was a balloon artist and a  face painter.  Santa introduced his two elves, Holly Berry and Cinnamon to the crowd and asked all the children to gather around while he read them a story.  Wonder in a children's eyes, lots of children's eyes as the white bearded Santa began the story.  The children then rejoined their parents and picture taking began.  Santa made sure each child had a small gift from him and there were many letters to Santa being put into that special red Macy's BELIEVE mailbox.

Best Catered Events team members Kathy Jones and Tiffany, provided White Chocolate Cocoa and Hot Chocolate to everyone that wanted to try it.  Garnished off with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings and crushed candy canes, we had lots of takers.  There were plenty of big, soft sugar cookies shaped like a star had been specially made and individually packaged for this event.

Special thanks to Samantha Lister for the booking and of course to Santa for letting me whisper my wish list into his know...Santa, I don't want much this year.....continued health for my family and all those dear to me.

Have fun at your next stop Santa.  Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Grand Old Opry.  Hey, say hello for me, Nashville is one of my favorite places to visit!

Merry Christmas to everyone....from Best Catered Events!

Matt and Ami McGucken - December 17, 2011, Baton Rouge, LA

Ami Parks married Matt McGucken in the backyard garden of her parents home on Saturday, December 17, 2011 surrounded by family and friends.  A large tent with seating and dance area as well as all of the little seating areas in the yard really led to a comfortable evening for those in attendance. 

Earlier, while this chef/owner was frying the catfish for the tacos in the family kitchen, she witnessed the throwdown challenge between Matt and Ami's father.  Mr. Parks had to eat a fried catfish taco and Matt had to eat pasta noodles with plain tomato soup, right out of the can.  Priceless!  They both bit the bullet, or should I say, the tomato soupy noodle thing and the taco?

Dr. Jazz of New Orleans provided wonderful music.  Alex Harvie, a local  artist painted all evening to capture the special moments.   Melissa McCaa did the cake which was beautiful and the guests said was absolutely wonderful. Doug Olinde provided tables, chairs and tenting with his usual excellent service.
Best Catered Events set up the food on a small deck area.  We served our Shrimp and Cheese Grits, Fried Fish Tacos with homemade tartar sauce, Sweet and Sour Meatballs on Pretzel Sticks, Louisiana Stuffed Crawfish Bread, Brandied Fig and Apricot Torte with Cinnamon Crisp Cookies, mini muffelettos, fire grilled vegetables, mac and cheese with bacon, and our No Evidence Caesar Salad. 

Ami wore the same dress that her mom Marie had worn when she married Ami's dad 36 years ago.  Natasha Marie Bridal altered the dress for Ami with a few changes.  That was a beautifult ribute to a wonderful marriage and the picture of her mom in the dress all those years ago is priceless.

Matt and Ami, we wish you all the best.  Loved your setting and all of  your guests were so nice. Your band was incredible with the seranade to you early in the evening Ami and then your send off in the limo.  WOW....that's all this caterer has to say!

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