Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brides, Brides, Everywhere A Bride .... and her Groom!!

Having catered for many years, we often times see some of our "Catering Family Members" as we are out and about all over Louisiana.  On Friday, August 17, 2012, Jason and Loree Ramezan were in attendance at the wedding reception of Ben and Krista Love at the Louisiana State Museum. 

They looked great!  Jason told me that they had just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  Such an overwhelming feeling when you run into past couples that remember your name, your voice and what you look like.  We try so hard to build a relationship with each couple that choose us as the caterer for their special day.  I, myself always get connected as we address all the concerns that they have and all the dreams we will help them achieve on their most special day. 

I remember like it was yesterday when I met Jason and Loree.  We immediately clicked.  They were ten years younger, as was I, and so very excited to plan their reception.  I actually convinced them to wait to book a venue until my former one was completed and ready for occupancy.  They did just that, and through the years I was in that location, several of their friends chose us to cater their receptions as well.  They were excited to eat our delicious food once again also, and they loved the spread last night.  Styles may change but if you like something, you remember it.  Jason said it was, "better than he remembered". 

Such a compliment!  Jason and Loree and I caught up and plan to stay in touch.  After all, we have been Family for over 10 years now!

Thanks from Mrs. Dianne and Best Catered Events.

Dianne Evans

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