Monday, January 24, 2011

Mindy McCallum and Micah Brooks Tied The Knot! January 22, 2011

Mindy and Micah chose a wonderful and very romantic setting for their wedding.  The temperature was  cold, but the group huddled around their choice of one of the three working fireplaces at Greenwood. After a bit, the food and beverages warmed everyone up and the party got started.

The cake was beautiful, Angie Murrell of Best Cakes did a great job and the groom's cake looked just like a suitcase!  The bouquets and centerpieces were all succulents and natural.  The look was fresh and earthy, a welcome change and very unique.  Fleur de Jour did an awesome job of giving the bride exactly what she wanted.  One beautiful expression of the bride's environmentalistic views was the grouping of sterling silver antiques with succulents in them that were placed on each outside table.  So different, and so very Mindy.

Then in the outdoor kitchen we placed a few fast pick up food items and the bar.  To the side Mindy had created a Photo Booth, complete with a chalk board, chalk, a feather boa, and other fun props.  Rumor has it that there was alot of giggling going on as everyone struck a pose!

Guests received a favor of a Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree seedling wrapped in burlap.  Again, very different, very simple, yet beautiful.

Guests loved our smoked beef brisket, crawfish etoufee, crawfish bread, spinach madeleine, fruited chicken salad croissants, mini blt's, voodoo cones and several other items.

Thompson Photography was everywhere at this wedding and reception and I can't wait to see the professional shots!

Best Catered Events wishes Mr. and Mrs. Brooks a wonderful life together!

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