Thursday, March 5, 2009

When is a King Cake not a King Cake?

Yesterday I received a call from a new customer that wanted a King Cake...well Mardi Gras has been long gone, so what to do? I asked her if she would like a shamrock. She said it really didn't matter, but she wanted to order 2 small cakes and 1 large one, for the next morning.

I made her 2 small "crosses" and 1 really large Easter basket. I had alot of fun with them, especially doing the basketweave with the dough on the basket and twisting the handle.

She left all the details up to me. The fillings were all cream cheese and apple, strawberry and blueberry, alternating here and there. I used colored icings and a yellow peep with pastel robin egg candies.

I decorated the filled cakes and wrapped them for the occasion using tulle, flowers and ribbons in pastel colors.

This morning when she came to get her order, she was so excited! She had never even heard of anyone making a shape out of a King the only problem I have is trying to figure out what to do as a design after Easter. Cream cheese, they really love it.

Dianne Evans

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