Saturday, November 19, 2011

www.LOVE! Matthew Hickey and Shannon Parent - 11-19-2011

Matthew Hickey and Shannon Parent met on the World Wide Web!  

Matt said after only the first few  dates he knew Shannon was the one.  The groom said it was scary how well they fit and Shannon also tells me that she knew Matt was the one and that it seems like everything she and Matt have done, they have done backwards.They were together about a year and a half before their wedding today.  Shannon said she had picked out her wedding gown before the proposal and the groom proposed before he had a ring!

This sweet couple was surrounded by many friends and family tonight for their wedding.  The ceremny was very special and intimate, and tears flowed with happiness. They definitely moved forward today!

From Dianne Evans and the staff at Best Catered Events, we wish you two the BEST!

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