Saturday, November 12, 2011

"10,000 Lights" - Auburn Wessman and Anna Peters - 11.12.2011

When Anna and Auburn came to Best Catered Events for a tasting, they were shy.  It didn't take long for them to get to know us, and our food.  Auburn loves our pecan smoked wings and Anna had her favs as well. 

Today, November 12, 2011 was their wedding day at the Chapel at Lamar Dixon in Gonzales, LA.  The couple chose this special place to pledge their love one to the other and it made a lovely and quaint setting.  Vicki's Passion For Flowers provided gorgeous fresh florals for the chapel as well as the reception site.  Soft flowers in shades of ivory, white and deep purple completed the beautiful garden setting back at the couple's lovely home. 

The sky overhead was strung with 10,000 tiny white lights.  It was like being under a cover of twinkling stars once the sun went down.  There were heaters and a fire pit going and plenty of eating and visiting.  This bride and groom created an absolutely breathtaking setting for their reception. They strung all 10,000 lights just for this event.

The couple chose their menu which was.
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Pecan Smoked Wings
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans with a Honey Drizzle
Louisiana Crawfish Stuffed Bread
Voodoo Cheese Dip
Apache Dip in Bread Bowls
Finger Sandwiches
Fresh Fruit
Summer Punch

Auburn had also made one of his favorite drinks called, Honey Whiskey...He used 9# of fresh honey (complete with honeycomb) and 3 large bottles of Makers Mark.  He told me that he poured the bourbon over the honeycomb and let it ferment for about 3 weeks.  Then he strained it and ran it through a coffee filter.  It smelled divine and was a rich honey color.  I was on the clock so didn't partake, but those that did, told me it was great and I could tell they were enjoying it alot. There were also galvanized tubs of beer, lots of beer and cute Koozies to put around them in the purple fleur de lis pattern.
Inside Anna had created a precious candy bar with all purple choices.  It smelled like grapes and everyone was getting a little bag to enjoy on the ride home. 

This was an absolute perfect site for Auburn and Anna on this most Special Day.  Everything fit, and it came together so beautifully.  

Best Wishes to Our Couple with the 10,000 Lights.....that is a first....and it was an awesome day!

Oh, and Auburn, call me when you crave those wings....

Dianne Evans

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