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September 29, 2012 Rebecca Hedrick & Drew Kearney - Greenwood Plantation

A misting rain only perked up the surroundings at the beautiful Greenwood Plantation on the wedding day that Rebecca Hedrick and Drew Kearney were to be married.

The misting rain stopped and the wedding ceremony began, just as planned out under the majestic trees on the front lawn of Greenwood. 

The guests had enjoyed mint water and southern peach tea while waiting for the nuptials to begin.

Guests enjoyed appetizers passed by the Best Catered Events team and enjoyed their favorites from the food stations designed specifically for this day.

The front ladies parlor featured out Salad Drawers with assorted greens and all the fixins in shaker cups.  Pick up appetizers were on a side table for the guests enjoyment.  There was a pasta bar with grilled chicken, marina and alfredo sauces and parmesan cheese that team member, Stephanie Brown assembled for them upon request.

The men's parlor was the setting for the Barbeque Bar.  Best Catered Events smoked Pork Sliders on freshly made egg and butter rolls, assorted pickles, homemade barbeque sauce, and assorted cheese and fruit were also in this area.

The living room was set up as the Louisiana Station.  This setting featured team member, Bonnie Baxley serving up our freshly fried fish, Crawfish Etoufee with rice, Shrimp and Grits and Fire Grilled Vegetables rounded out the menu.  The line was continuous and the guests couldn't get enough of this Taste of Louisiana!

There was a tent outside for the band and dancing.  There was so much fun going on underneath that tent.  Everyone just had a great time.

Later in the evening, Chef Dustin Quibodeaux and owner, Dianne Evans rolled out  and fried up freshly made Beignets, CDM Coffee Shots and cold milk shots.  Everyone loved the bite sized beignets and many came back for seconds!

Congratulations Rebecca and Drew.  Your wedding day will be one you will be able to look back on and chose a beautiful location for your Special Day!  Thanks for allowing us to play a small part in those memories.

Dianne Evans

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