Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011....Welcome 2012

As we say goodbye to 2011, we will remember both happy and sad times over the past 12 months.

We have watched as family members have gone on and good friends have lost their spouses.  We continue to watch our dear friends as they struggle day to day just to stay alive.  We watch what our government is doing and not doing.

We have seen new lives this Luke is bringing alot of joy with his happy self.  We are getting back in touch with our family after being away for oh so long.  We are trying diligently to reconnect with some of our old friends but to no avail.  It is hard to lose a friend when you are older, they are just such a treasure and one you want around you.

We have watched those we love and care about fight daily battles with cancer, kidney failure, heart problems, alzheimers and other medical conditions. 

We have watched from afar things that were once so beautiful, not ever look quite the same.

But through it all, we have SURVIVED 2011!  Bad weather, a move back to the Baton Rouge area, new clients, new babies, yes, we have survived. 

2012 is fast approaching....what will it bring....we pray for continued health and a good solid foundation for our small business.  People know they can count on us, and we want them to....that is our wish...May God Continue to Bless Each of You and Shower you with Love.....Amen

To our small team....we wish to thank you for believing in us....for hanging in there with us...for working so hard ....and for being our friends throughout this past our are the reason we started this whole crazy catering thing all those many years day soon, Bailee, Ty, Dylan and Evans can cater if they like it....or they can, as some of my friends used to say..(before they started doing this catering thing and fell in love with it too)....'GET A REAL JOB!......Happy New Year!!!!!

Dianne Evans

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