Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cindy Chaisson is Retiring! May 25, 2012

The Bank of  Zachary hosted a retirement gathering on Friday, May 25 to honor Cindy Chaisson.  Cindy has worked at the bank since 1980, a total of 32 years!  That is quite an accomplishment.  Cindy's husband, their two daughters and their families along with her friends and co workers enjoyed a special cake made for the occasion by Ott Fisher of Zachary and other refreshments.

Bank President, Preston Kennedy presented Cindy with a beautiful watch to commemorate her many years of service to the bank. 

As the event came to an end, we all expected her to ride off into retirement on the back of her husband's motorcycle!

Congratulations on your retirement.....and A Job Well Done!  Enjoy quiet and wonderful days, from Best Catered Events.  Let the wind blow through your hair and enjoy the back of that motorcycle!

Dianne Evans

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